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Why Aptofy

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AI powered

AI adds automation capabilities making it beneficial for recruiting. It is especially beneficial for repetitive, high-volume functions such as screening, sourcing, and evaluation.

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Add technology to your organisation

New Projects and products require new technology capabilities. We empower Organizations to hire for new technology jobs. We have video and audio proctoring for a cheat-proof test environment.

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Accurate, Consistent & Bias-free along with Speed

AI-powered technology speeds up time-consuming manual processes so that recruiters can focus on more valuable tasks. AI is not meant to replace human recruiters but to empower them

How Aptofy works


The Aptofy Way

Our Industry has adopted remote work, hybrid work models, video interviews, online hiring procedures, and proctoring. People who were once primarily engaged in instant messaging, photo sharing, and social media have now shifted their focus to online learning, earning income online, and managing their daily tasks through digital platforms. Prepare yourself for success in the professional arena.

Apto means good [adjective] suitable, eligible [adjective] suitable or worthy to be chosen

Salient Features

  • Communication Skill Analysis:

    Aptofy offers a cutting-edge communication skill analysis feature that provides valuable insights into candidates' communication abilities. With this feature, recruiters can assess candidates' verbal and non-verbal communication skills, enabling them to make informed hiring decisions.
  • 98%+ accuracy in Video and Audio proctoring /cheat Proofing:

    Aptofy guarantees exceptional accuracy in video and audio proctoring, ensuring a cheat-proof environment during remote assessments. With advanced technology, it accurately detects any suspicious behavior or attempts at cheating, giving recruiters the confidence to trust the assessment results
  • ID validation without manual intervention:

    Aptofy streamlines the ID validation process by automating it without the need for manual intervention. This feature saves valuable time and eliminates human error, allowing recruiters to verify candidates' identities seamlessly and efficiently.
  • Video Trainings for Candidates:

    Aptofy offers video training capabilities that empower candidates to enhance their skills. This feature allows candidates to access valuable training materials, tutorials, and educational resources, enabling them to upskill and improve their chances of success in the hiring process.
  • Skill Assessment in Niche domains & Technologies:

    Aptofy specializes in skill assessment for niche domains and technologies. Recruiters can confidently evaluate candidates' proficiency in specific areas, ensuring that they possess the required expertise for the job. This feature facilitates accurate matching of candidates with specialized job requirements
  • Bias-Free reporting and data collection:

    Aptofy prioritizes fairness and eliminates biases in reporting and data collection. By employing advanced algorithms and objective metrics, it ensures that the hiring process is unbiased, promoting diversity and inclusion within organizations.
  • Client Branding & Promotion:

    Aptofy enables client branding and promotion throughout the hiring process. Recruiters can customize the platform with their company's logo, colors, and branding elements, creating a consistent and professional experience for candidates and enhancing their employer brand.
  • Smart Features for closing on candidates faster:

    Aptofy provides smart features that expedite the candidate closing process. These features leverage automation and intelligent algorithms to streamline communication, negotiation, and offer acceptance, ensuring a faster and more efficient hiring cycle.

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